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Data & Network Wiring Solution

Network Cable and Patch Panel Installation

Whether you are relocating your business or moving in to your new home or just need extra outlets for your network, TV or phone, contact us for professional service at the best price. We will provide you with the best solution and install all cable works using only the highest quality materials. Our fleet consists of experienced technicians with years of experience in the telecommunication industry.

Coax (TV) / Phone Wiring and Jacks Installation

Using high grade RJ6 Coax and phone lines will ensure that you will enjoy clear reception on every outlet. Installation by professional technicians will give you complete peace of mind.

Either you need TV or phone outlets to be installed, we provide imminent solutions to all. Using RG6 and Cat5e/Cat6 cables will ensure that you will enjoy clear reception on every outlet.

Security Camera and Access Point Cabling

We also install full network of Access Points, Security Cameras, and CCTV wirings.

Service to Existing Installations

Along with cable deployment we also provide services to existing phone, data or coax lines. Reorganizing, rewiring, and removal of old lines.

Full Cable Fishing

This is one of our specialties where most of our competitors miss by miles. No doubt, fishing cables inside walls and ceiling, without opening or destroying existing finish, requires extremely perfect planning which comes with years of experience. We do this and we do it perfectly. Every house, structure is unique and we know how and what to do to install the cables. As we say, you mark it and we bring the cable right there without you noticing but leaving you only surprised. We use special tools and technology for fishing cables, especially in residentials where most installers walk away.

Toronto Cable
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